The Beauty of the Ebro Delta

Immersive visit and lunch

Guided one-day activity

Delta del Ebro

It is an exciting adventure in the heart of nature and culture. We will immerse ourselves in the incredible Ebro Delta Natural Park environment, which includes sandy beaches, endless rice fields, and the majestic Ebro River.

  • Guided tour of the Ebro Delta Natural Park Ecomuseum.
  • Guided boat trip to the mouth of the Ebro River.
  • Food at a local restaurant.
  • The traditional activity of “Las barcas de perchar”.
  • Bird watching in the Tancada Lagoon.

Activities in the Park
Natural of the Ebro Delta

Today, you will see and learn everything about the history of the Delta, its riches and threats to its existence, the peculiarities of local rice cultivation, and the irrigation system. We will be able to capture the importance of the Ebro River in the life of the Delta and the entire region. We will also learn how the inhabitants of the Delta live.


Beautiful flamingos
and many other birds in one day

We will see the birds using the binoculars that we will provide you. Thanks to the guide, we can determine which species inhabit the lagoon during our visit. This lovely place is home to all kinds of birds, including flamingos.


  • 120€ / person (minimum 2 people)
  • 100€ / person (from 4 people)


  • The price includes a guide, lunch, entrance fees, and tastings.
  • You are supposed to travel in your car.
  • The surcharge for our transfer within Las Terras del Ebro is 100€ per person.

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