Seven Pearls
of the South of Catalonia

7 day trip

From prehistory to the present day

Just two hours from Barcelona, there are unique historical places surrounded by the natural splendour of the Delta Biosphere, the Els Ports National Park and the Ebro River. We invite you to learn about the history of the lands of the Terres del Ebre by touching its three pearls: the cities of Tortosa, Uldecona and Miravet. You will tour the main historical milestones that affected this region: from prehistory, the life of the Iberians and ancient Roman culture to the times of the civil war and the present day.

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NATURAL SPACES, cultural heritage

Gastronomic immersion

We carefully select the most exciting places to stop for lunch during the excursion program. The guide will help you live a unique gastronomic experience, filling these breaks with stories and valuable comments. And yes, there are several Michelin-star restaurants in our region. We will have lunch in one of them.

Cozy hotels

We try to select hotels with history and a fantastic atmosphere. Your stay at the hotel is an integral part of the program, complementing the program’s content with a sense of authenticity of the place where you will spend the night.

Rich program with comfort

Although the excursion program is quite intense, we have designed it so that you have time to rest and take independent walks. Each excursion includes the necessary breaks, perfectly complement the frequent walking tours.


Proximity tourism


Ancient olive trees


Ancient city of the Iberians

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Paleolithic cave paintings


Remei Hermitage. Alcanar




Montsià sea coast


Tortosa Cathedral


Michelin-star restaurant


Day by day program

Day 1

Arrival in Tortosa


Welcome to Tortosa, the capital of Baix Ebre:

  • Arrival in Tortosa.
  • Meeting and acquaintance with the guide at the hotel.
  • Accommodation in a room, rest.
  • Night walk through the city.
  • We recommend watching the sunset in Los Jardínes del Príncipe.
  • Night at the hotel in Tortosa.

Day 2

Tortosa and surroundings


The day in Tortosa and surroundings:

  • Tourists visit Tortosa with a guide.
  • Knowledge of architecture and the most significant buildings and monuments.
  • Zuda of Tortosa. Center d’Interpretació del Renaixement – Permanent Exhibition of the Royal Col·legis. Jewish Quarter.
  • Free time to enjoy the territory or optional excursion to the highest point of Els
  • Ports in the Baix Ebre – Mont Caro region (not included in the price) with
  • Educaports guides. Activities and lunch are included in this trip.
  • Night at the hotel in Tortosa.

Day 3

Tortosa – La Rapita – L’Ampolla


Tortosa Cathedral. Transfer and activities in the Montsia region:

  • Guided tour of Tortosa Cathedral and permanent exhibition.
  • Departure from the hotel in Tortosa and transfer to a hotel on the seashore in the province of Montsia.
  • Free time to enjoy the territory or an optional half-day excursion to the coast (not included in the price). This trip includes tasting mussels and oysters at the Alfacs mussel farm, eating at a La Rapita restaurant, and watching the sunrise at the
  • Mirador de la Guardiola.
  • Night at the l’Ampolla Hotel.

Day 4

Ulldecona – Alcanar


The day in Ulldecona and surroundings:

  • Knowledge of Ulldecona with guide.
  • Streets of the old city, the church of San Lucas and the Uldecona museum.
  • Guided tour of Ulldecona castle.
  • Free time to enjoy the territory or an optional half-day excursion to Alcanar (not included in the price). This trip includes lunch at a Michelin star restaurant, a guided tour of Moleta de Remei (ancient Iberian city), ancient olives, a visit to the Interpretation Center of Iberian Culture, Casa O’Connor, watching the sunset in the historical centre area, beaches, port and fish market.
  • Night at the l’Ampolla hotel.

Day 5

Delta del Ebro – Terra Alta


The Day in the Ebro Delta:

  • Check out of the hotel and start the excursion program.
  • Guided tour of the Ebro Delta Natural Park Ecomuseum.
  • Guided boat trip to the mouth of the Ebro River.
  • Food at a local restaurant.
  • The traditional activity of “The purchaser boats”.
  • Bird watching in the Tancada Lagoon.
  • Transfer to Arnes in Terra Alta.
  • Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 6

Horta de Sant Joan


The day in Horta de Sant Joan and surroundings:

  • Guided tour of the Convent of San Salvador de Horta.
  • Lunch with wine and olive oil tasting.
  • Free time to enjoy the territory or an optional half-day excursion to Horta de Sant Joan (not included in the price). This trip consists of a walk through the town and the Picasso Museum with the guide.
  • Night at the Arnes hotel.

Day  7

End of the tour. Return to Tortosa


Adiós, las Tierras del Ebro:

  • Salida del hotel y regreso a casa.



  • 790€ per person in your car
  • Minimum group 2 people
  • The surcharge for our transfer is €150 per person


  • It is essential to check in advance the availability of a guide.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water and clothing suitable for the weather conditions during your excursion to Els Ports.



  • Double accommodation in 4* hotels
  • Breakfasts
  • Guide services
  • Tickets
  • 2 lunches
  • Wine and olive oil tastings


  • Single occupancy (360€ per person)
  • Unspecified meals
  • Excursions specified as optional
  • Our transfer (150€ per person)
  • Minibar and tips


  • Excursion to Mont Caro incl. lunch (120€ per person in your car)
  • Tasting at the Alfacs mussel farm and lunch (120€ per person in your car)
  • Excursion to Alcanar incl. lunch (120€ per person in your car)
  • Picasiana and ancient Horta de Sant Joan route (60€ per person in your car)
  • Other activities outside the program

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    Tortosa (4 nights) – La Fontcalda (Els Ports) – Horta de Sant Joan – Delta del Ebro

    Embark on an exciting adventure through the Ebro Lands in southern Catalonia. This tour combines the natural splendour of two natural parks, Els Ports and the Ebro Delta, with this unique region’s historical and cultural discoveries. Exciting tastings, magical sunsets, water rides, historical excursions and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fresh waters of the Canaletes River in La Fontcalda await you. It will be five days full of excitement and discoveries in the company of local guides.

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