Ebro Delta:
the best of two days

Terres de l’Ebre experience


For two days, we will immerse ourselves in the incredible environment of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, which includes sandy beaches, endless rice fields, and lagoons with a wide variety of migratory birds, including the famous flamingos.

Tasting mussels and oysters in the Delta mussel farms and climbing to the Mirador de la Guardiola.




Immersion tourist experience

This weekend, we will immerse ourselves in the beautiful natural park of the Ebro Delta, which is part of the excellent biosphere reserve of Terres de l’Ebre. Kilometres of sandy beaches, rice fields carefully cut by a network of roads, and the majestic Ebro River flowing between them form a unique and unusual landscape like no other you have seen in Europe.

What we will do at Delta:

  • Visit the Ebro Delta Natural Park Ecomuseum. Here, the ecosystem of the Ebro Delta is presented in a large outdoor area with the typical huts of the place, aquariums and permanent exhibitions. You will learn about the irrigation network and natural systems of the Delta Plain, become familiar with the area’s historical realities, and enjoy observing the main species of fish and amphibians in the museum’s aquarium.
  • We will take a boat excursion to the mouth of the Ebro, sailing along the river until we meet the sea. Along the way, we will enjoy the landscapes of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, Illa de Buda, Illa de San Antonio, and Garxal.
  • We will observe exotic birds from the top of towers intended for this use and through the windows of particular cabins. Purple herons, curlews, colourful flamingos, cormorants and other foreign birds live here at different times.


Boat route to the mussel farms of the Badia dels Alfacs where you can discover the art of cultivating mussels and oysters from the Ebro Delta. An expert aquaculturist will show you all the secrets of cultivation and the ropes of mussels and oysters that he will take from the water so you can see and taste them. Ah! And all this is accompanied by a good wine or cava on board the same punt. These are the essentials for enjoying an unforgettable experience in the middle of the sea.


Gastronomic delights of the Delta

Delta is an orchard, and it is the sea; it is mussels and rice fields. Delta is landscape, culture, history and character. Of course, it also has a gastronomic character. It is a border in balance, two worlds in collision. And great things always happen at the borders.

Its gastronomic personality stands out for its mix of seafood cuisine with more typical dishes from the interior garden. Eels are an icon of cuisine that rides sweet and salty waters; legumes with salted cod recover a more hirsute Catalan cuisine. You eat what you raise; in the Delta, you raise everything, although the rice stands out.

We will definitely try a delicious paella made with rice and local seafood. It is not in vain that they say that in the Ebro Delta, everything revolves around rice. This region is one of the three in Spain where rice has its own DOP brand.


Night in the nature of the Delta

Living in the Delta is determined by direct contact with nature, the environment of the fishing towns, the interior of the Delta, and the beauty of the wildest beaches. We have chosen the ideal place to relax and continue intensely enjoying our beloved Ebro Delta.



11:00   Arrival in Tortosa.
11:30   Meeting with your guide and transfer to the Ebro Delta area.
12:00   Visit to the Ebro Delta ecomuseum.
13:00   Check-in at a hotel. Lunch in a restaurant in Deltebre.
15:30   Guided boat trip to the mouth of the Ebro River.
16:30   Bird-watching tour by car (Delta lagoons).
19:00   End of the excursion and return to the hotel. Leisure.


09:00   Breakfast and check-out of the hotel.
10:00   Guardiola Viewpoint.
11:00   Tasting of mussels and oysters in the Alfacs mussel farm.
13:00   Lunch at a restaurant in La Rapita.
15:00   Free time to enjoy the territory / return home.


  • 300€ / person (in your car)
  • Minimum group 2 people


  • Guide services two days according to the program
  • One night in a hotel in a double room
  • One breakfast and two lunches


  • Transport
  • Meals not specified in the program
  • Additional activities


  • It is essential to check in advance the availability of a guide.
  • For an additional fee, you can do the program in our car (the cost depends on the number of people).
  • During your excursion to Els Ports, it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, water, and clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

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